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Die cast 3D keychain

Short Description:

Kingtai is professional customized Die Cast Keychain, such as metal alloy keychain, metal keyring, alloy key holder,hollow keychain, animal keychain, gold keychain, silver keychain, blank logo keychain, Keychain Metal, custom alloy keychain, fashion alloy keychain, cute keychain, soft Enamel Keychain, hard enamel keychain, epoxy coating keychain, offset Printing Keychain, etc.

The feature of this kind of keychain usually three-dimensional, so we can made of by zinc alloy material according to to craft unique. And to make the die cast keychain is more beautiful, we can plating color on the surface, such as gold, pearl gold, nickel, pearl nickel, black, rose gold, bronze, copper, antique silver and so on . It is can highlight your logo ,usually we use for souvenir gift ,toursit gift and so on.

  • Die cast 3D keychain

Product Detail

Best Uses

These  key-rings can be used in the company promotion, advertisement and used as a souvenir gift for friends, which shows the noble value of image identity.

How It's Made

Key-rings can utilize various processes, with soft enamel, hard enamel, printed enamel, copper stamped and zinc alloy cast all available, as well as PVCacrylic and flexifoam. Endless possibilities for reproducing your logo!

Production time: 10-15 business days after art approval.


Soft enamel key-rings offer our most economic enamel keying. Manufactured from stamped steel or iron with a soft enamel fill, an epoxy resin coating protects the badge from scratches and gives a smooth finish.

Your custom design can include up to four colors and can be stamped to any shape with the options of a gold, silver, bronze or black nickel finish. Minimum order quantity is 100 pcs.


These stamped key rings are filled with synthetic vitreous hard enamel, giving them a longevity that is unsurpassed. Unlike soft enamel keyrings, no epoxy coating is required, so the enamel is flush to the surface of the metal.

Your custom design can include up to four colors and can be stamped to any shape with the options of a gold, silver, bronze or black nickel finish. Minimum order quantity is 100 pcs.


Printed enamel key rings offer and alternative when a design, logo or slogan is too detailed to stamp and fill with enamel. These "enamel key-rings" do not actually have any enamel filling, but are either offset or laser printed before an epoxy coating is added to protect the surface of the design.

Perfect for designs with intricate detail, these key rings can be stamped to any shape and come in a variety of metal finishes. Our minimum order quantity is just 50 pieces.


Zinc alloy key rings offer incredible design flexibility due to the injection moulding process, while the material itself is highly durable giving these key rings a quality finish.

Like our badges, the vast majority of our key rings are two-dimensional. However, when a design requires three-dimensional or multi layered two-dimensional work, then the zinc alloy process comes into its own.


Enamel keyrings of all styles can be mounted onto leather keyfobs in order to create a more luxurious product finish. Perfect for corporate business, the stylish leather keyfob will exude class and provide a look that matches your high quality brand.

Keyfobs are available in a range of shapes (rounded, rectangular, pear, etc.) with gloss or matte leather finishes and come complete with a standard split ring keyring fixing.

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