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DCM Decagon medals bring a classic decagon shape with modern imagery. Constructed from cast metal alloys with a black finish, all DCM medals measure 2″ in diameter, and have vivid color fills producing a dazzling graphic.


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Medal manufacturers basing on the Medal and packaging box in your own design.
We offer 100% quality guarantee. If improper production, we will refund you the money, or rapidly remake the products for you.
Please feel free to place your order.

100% Eco friendly, Harmless, Non-toxic medal
support refund money in case of bad quality









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Optional micro-thin metallic laser engraved tags are available for the backside. Tags are available in brushed gold, silver or copper, and text engraves black. If engraving is desired, please type all copy exactly how you want it to appear when placing your order, (up to 4 lines of text and approximately 22 characters and spaces per line).

All the DCM MEDALS are made of cast alloy, have a black surface, are 2 inches in diameter, and have a colorful filling that creates a dazzling pattern.

Optional micro metal laser engraving label can be used on the back.

Labels can be drawn on gold, silver or copper, and text engraved in black.

MEDALS are available in a variety of sizes, from 1 1/4" to 3" in diameter.

Many have colored or gold, silver or bronze finishes.

If you need to customize the logo, we can also design for you, we have a very professional team of designers

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