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The above sections feature our industry-leading selection of medals with sports and recreation designs. Of course, we have popular sports like baseball, basketball, football and soccer, but we also have medals for biking, fencing, cooking and other activities. We even have generic medals, such as our popular Olympic-style torch medals, that can be used for virtually any event.


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Medal manufacturers basing on the Medal and packaging box in your own design.
We offer 100% quality guarantee. If improper production, we will refund you the money, or rapidly remake the products for you.
Please feel free to place your order.

100% Eco friendly, Harmless, Non-toxic medal
support refund money in case of bad quality









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Sports medals include a neck ribbon. In some cases the ribbons are red, white and blue, but many medals also come with your choice of ribbon color to match your school or sports team colors.

Medals are available in many sizes, starting at 1 1/4" in diameter up to 3". Many are available in color or with a gold, silver or bronze finish.

Medals without engraving typically ship in just 1-2 business days, and with engraving, 4-6 business days. Sports award medals qualify for free ground shipping on orders over $100.

We have a lot of MEDALS related to sports and entertainment design.

Of course, we have popular sports like baseball, basketball, football and soccer, as well as MEDALS for cycling, fencing, cooking and other activities.

Our company also produces many general-purpose MEDALS, such as the popular Olympic-style torch medal, which can be used in almost any event.

Sports MEDALS include necklaces.

In some cases, the ribbon is red, white, and blue, but many MEDALS also have the ribbon color of your choice to match the color of your school or sports team.

MEDALS are available in a variety of sizes, from 1 1/4" to 3" in diameter.

Many have colored or gold, silver or bronze finishes.

If you need to customize the logo, we can also design for you, we have a very professional team of designers

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