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Lapel pin

  • Rhinestone lapel pin

    Rhinestone lapel pin

    Look at this beautiful design and our unique twist, symbolizing the heart consciousness month.This rhinestone red brooch is exquisite, stylish and fun!Suitable for any occasion or promotional event.More than 90 bright ruby crystals are set in a glittering, 3D-cast, nickel-plated dress brooch.It has a safety locking pin for perfect positioning on any piece of equipment, rope or hat.Each is a separate polythene bag.Let this gift become a special person suffering from heart disease or raise awareness.

  • soft enamel

    soft enamel

    Oftentimes you want a fun pin that doesn’t need to make a grandiose statement. For these kinds of projects, we offer more inexpensive, economy enamel lapel pins. Help your pin stand out from the crowd with some of our unique enhancements.

    Reproduce your photo image in detail with a digital print on top of enamel.

    Get your pin moving with a springed slider or bobble.

    Make your pin a sparkling keepsake by adding stones or gems.

    Elevate your pin’s sensory experience by adding lights or sound.

  • Screen Print lapel pin

    Screen Print lapel pin

    Screen-printed lapel pins are an especially good fit for designs with fine detail, photos or color gradations. Full bleeds are available with this option. PinCrafters is your number one source for custom printed pins at the lowest prices guaranteed. Most commonly used as an add on to die struck or hard enamel pins to achieve very fine detail not otherwise possible. Screen printing can however be used for single color or two color logos very effectively. This can be a more affordable option for small business looking to use pins as a promotional or marketing product.

  • photo etched pinis

    photo etched pinis

    At Kingtai , we offer precision metal parts for a wide range of applications. Our in-house forming department offers cost-effective production processes. Photo etched parts, produced by using advanced photo chemical machining techniques and computer-aided design, are available in several common types, but we’re always prepared to address customer’s custom needs and designs. The precision metal components we produce can accommodate a wide range of applications. From board-level shielding to optical system components, to shims, covers, lids, screens, and other thin parts that require tight tolerances. Our chemical machining processes enable us to produce custom parts based on customers’ own designs.

  • Hinged Lapel pin

    Hinged Lapel pin

    With a little hinge device inset, the hinged lapel pins become foldable and can open and close easily! It’s a good choice for expressing more messages designs. Although it is a simple function design, the accurate and smooth movement requires experienced skills, and with years of manufacturing experiences for metal lapel pins, we are able to make this hinged lapel pin with high quality and fancy looks.

  • Hard enamel

    Hard enamel

    If you have looked into making your own enamel pins, you have probably seen the terms “hard enamel” and “soft enamel”. Many people have the same question: What’s the difference? The biggest difference between hard and soft enamel is the finished texture. Hard enamel pins are flat and smooth, and soft enamel pins have raised metal edges. Both methods use the same metal molds, and both will have bright and vibrant colors. But there are also some special options that are exclusive to soft enamel.

  • Glow in the Dark Lapel Pins

    Glow in the Dark Lapel Pins

    When you’re at a concert, in a bar or in a dark place, have you noticed a flash of light on someone? this is a very popular fashion element in recent years – lapel pins.
    The dark enamel glow of our custom pin is perfect when you want your pin to stand out in a crowd or in the dark

  • Glittering Lapel Pins

    Glittering Lapel Pins

    What is glitter?
    Add a mixture of colored flash and enamel to the recess of your pin or coin, and then coat it with an epoxy dome to protect the surface and add a bright sheen.
    Even in the faintest hint of light shine, and add extra sparks to the design you’ve already sparkled. This is a must-have item for school to trade pins!

  • Digital Print lapel pin

    Digital Print lapel pin

    Key Features
    These high quality American custom lapel pins we can accept custom designs, if you have your own design just send us your digital art file, we will copy your color design into high quality lapel pins and deliver them to you on time!Many stock shapes are available, we will ensure the quality of the products as well as the production lead time.

  • Die stuck lapel pin

    Die stuck lapel pin

    Bare Metal Designs With Intricate Detail
    Custom molded pins have a bare metal design that flashes under any light source.
    The high polish design on the lapels of black suits and jackets is beautiful, while the embossed pins with antique finishes are more subtle.
    Customers will love our soft enamel or cloisonne options to mix and match colors in their design,but for a truly classic design,die struck pins are the best choice.

  • Die casting lapel pin

    Die casting lapel pin

    Key Features Our die-cast custom lapel pins can be completed on a bright or special surface.
    These lapel pins have 3D design simulations for your reference and will display 3D images for your lapel pins

  • Dangling Lapel Pins

    Dangling Lapel Pins

    A pendant is a small ornament with one or more jump rings, or a small chain, hanging from a main metal badge.
    The dangle is a very interesting pin. We can customize the shape, size, arrangement and accessories of the lapel pin,

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