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KingTai Company is a comprehensive trading manufacturer integrating production and sales.We have our own factory and overseas sales team, our factory is located in Hui Zhou City Guangdong Province.Since its establishment, the company has obtained more than 30 certifications and patents including Wal-Mart, Disney, Universal Studios, FDA and ISO90001.

Harry Potter, Universal Studios and Disney are the customers we have been cooperating with since our establishment. We always provide the best service to customers in terms of quality and delivery time, which is also the direction our company has been working hard on.At the same time, when we were working with Wal-Mart we got FDA certification in the United States.

About the FDA,We cooperated with Wal-Mart to measure the spoon product and obtained the certificate, so our measure spoon product has safety guarantee.You can buy with confidence.We can provide certificates for your reference if you need them.And the measuing spoon,we have a lot of style can be choose,but if you have your owner design it is ok,pls show me your design or 3D effect that we can for reference,and give you the quantation.

For long-term development, please let us know if your market needs other certificates.We will provide you with the test time according to the product demand, so that we can open a larger market.We can provide the product for you to do the test report, at the same time, we also have the inspection report of other customers to share with you if you need.However, the ingredients of different products are different, so are all the test results. Other customers' test results can only be used as reference values.Considering the development of the project, we suggest providing samples for your test report.I hope you understand.If you also have any inquiry welcome to contact us any time.We are waiting for you.

Post time: Aug-31-2020