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KingTai Company is a comprehensive trading manufacturer integrating production and sales.We have our own factory and overseas sales team, our factory is located in Hui Zhou City Guangdong Province.Our average production capacity is more than 300,000 pcs monthly.

  Our company has more than 20 years experience in metal crafts.

Such as:badge,opener,medals,keychain,souvenir,cufflinks,lapel pin,bookmark,etc.And we work with many famous brand,such as:Harry potter,Disney,Wal-mart,Universal Studios etc.

Since its inception,The certification and patents that We have obtained is more than 30 pieces, several of which are SOS , Sedex and ISO9001.

We always adhere to high productivity, high quality standards to require themselves.After the completion of each process, we have a special QC team to check whether the products conform to the next process, so as to ensure the qualified rate of products.

The company has sufficient production capacity and storage capacity.Usually, when our QC team is inspecting the products, they will pick out the unqualified products and let the qualified products enter the next process. Then the unqualified products will be returned to the previous process for refinishing.At the same time, we have a scope to control the pass rate of the products during the inspection.This is set according to different products. For example, our badge qualification rate is 95%. Once the unqualified product is higher than this range, we will remake the unqualified product.Please inform us if your expected pass rate is 98%, so that we can provide the pass rate of the product during inspection.We have large enough storage space and environment to support large orders.Please let us know if you need partial shipment. Our warehouse will take care of the storage of the goods.

Today is King Tai is operating with the customer first service purpose and has participated in the canton fair and hong kong exhibition. For many years. We provide sincere service for customers and keeping the innovating with a face of exquisite life creations.

Post time: Aug-31-2020