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Millitary Badge

  • What are NFC Tags

    What are NFC Tags

    What kind of information can be written into NFC Tags NFC (Near Field Communication) is an evolution of RFID technology; NFC enables secure wireless connectivity between two devices, with related exchange of data. NFC technology, applied to a smartphone or a tablet, allows: the exchange of information between two devices, totally safe and quick, simply by approaching (via Peer-to-peer); to make quick and protected payments with mobile phones (via HCE); to read or write NFC Tags. What are...
  • Millitary Badge

    Millitary Badge

    Police Badges
    Our military badges are made to the same high standards which were once only demanded by law enforcement. The pride and distinction that goes with wearing a badge of authority that identifies the person displaying the badge or carrying it for identification is a prime consideration for every badge made.